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all-candles-wholesale.co.uk is a manufacturer and supplier of Candles. We supply candles in four categories. Pillar candles, Handmade candles, Scented candles and Dinner candles featuring organic materials and a wide choice of styles and designs.

We source our products from ethical companies and individuals implementing sustainable solutions to environmental issues and social concerns. We supply top quality products, manufactured in factories based in the United Kingdom and Poland.

We deliver candles for Wholesalers, Catering industry and Retailers quickly and cost effectively to anywhere in England, Wales, Scotland and other EU countries. We also offer export service to selected countries. Contact us for more info.

If you run a business that requires Candles on a regular basis, like a Wedding planner, Florist, Restaurant, Coffee shop, Spa, etc. Please select your product to send us Trade Enquiry and our friendly customer support team member will assist you.

If you are however, just a Candle Lover, well, then Feel Free and Welcome to explore our Factory Shop for Quality Pillar Candles, Church Style 3 Wick Pillar Candles, Scented Candles, Decorative and Dinner Tapered Candles.

All-Candles-Wholesale.co.uk is owned by a Sole trader Marek Eisenman registered in the UK under the business name NINEXL M. A Eizenman