Candle Decoration Ideas and Designs for 2018…

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Here we are to present you with just a few of the best candle decoration ideas from the net... White & Black Stones Candle Centerpiece Source: Cover with Epsom Salt Source: Twice the Light with a Well-Placed Mirror Source: Painted Candle Centerpiece Source: White Pillar Candles in a bathroom   Source: [...]

Decorative Candles – Fall in Love Pillar Candles Collection

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Decorative Candles - Fall in Love Pillar Candles Collection Red |Pink | Grey | Ivory colors Available Dimensions Weight Collective Packing D/7 cm x H/10 cm 0.34 kg 12 D/7 cm x H/14 cm 0.48 kg 8 D/7 cm x H/18 cm 0.59 kg 8 Buying in Bulk? FREE No Obligations Quotes! [...]

We are Recruiting for the Assistant Sales Manager

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We are looking for a dynamic but not necessarily experienced, Sale Agent/Assistant Sales Manager for our well established successful Candle Portfolio. Target driven you will drive your own sales leads to make the best of the competitive commission structure. This is an ideal opportunity for one who wants to Work from Home or from our [...]

Christmas Candles – Bell Collection

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Christmas Candles – Bell Collection Available Colours:  White, Ivory, Red, Grey Weight/Size/Packing:  0,35 kg, D/7cm x H/10cm, Collective Packing: 12 pcs 0,49 kg, D/7cm x H/14cm, Collective Packing:  8 pcs 0,60 kg, D/7cm x H/18cm, Collective Packing:  8 pcs Trade Enquiries Welcome!..