Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas, from Classic to Contemporary Style

What is the traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece?

A Horn of Plenty or Cornucopia

This wonderfully traditional Thanksgiving holiday decorating is a wonderful symbol of abundance and bounty. It helps us remember what we are celebrating. Not only are we celebrating our own blessings but we are also remembering the first Thanksgiving ever celebrated, and for the bounty that came of their hardship and their friendship with the Native Americans of that time. We are embracing the generosity and charity of others and remembering and committing to share our own good fortune with others. A cornucopia makes a wonderful centerpiece for your dining table or adornment for your mantel or sideboard where it can be enjoyed by one and all. Also pillar candles are always a good choice to make the focal point of the Thanksgiving centerpiece.

How do I decorate my Thanksgiving table on a budget? DIY it..!

  • Bring the outside in with foraged items
  • Make a succulent-filled pumpkins
  • Make a display from organic fall favorites
  • Use a wreath to create a circular centerpiece
  • Display seasonal florals in warm colors
  • Take on the turkey with bird décor
  • Swap a single thanksgiving centerpiece for a runner
  • Mark the special occasion with glimmering metallics
  • Create a warming atmosphere with candles
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How to make a floral Thanksgiving centerpiece?

“…And one rule of thumb. And I’m sure that mr. Manners mr. Wiggins would tell us this too is to keep the centerpieces. Kind of low. Because you don’t want to talk over a giant bowl of flowers…”

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Unexpected Arrangement

Instead of a classic flower arrangement, create a filled with pumpkins, fresh produce, and gourds. Anchor the arrangement with 3-4 large pumpkins in a wooden tray. Fill in the display with bosc pears, artichokes, decorative cabbage, and pillar candles. Finish the centerpiece with cut seasonal flowers like mums. When thinking about your decorations, use things you already have, or can use later. Dress up your easy centerpiece with a few heads of curly pumpkin. However, if you just really don’t want to grow pumpkins, at least hunt for a local pumpkin patch. In our area, they are usually cheaper than purchasing from a chain store. You could save money by just shopping for the lowest price in your area. Make your Thanksgiving centrepiece feel more personal by scavenging for natural objects in your neighborhood (responsibly). Pine cones, wheat blossoms, and pumpkins teach us a little about the local flora in this display, and it’s a great opportunity to go for an autumnal walk with family and friends.

Switch up traditional color schemes

Warm colors inspired by autumn leaves are always popular among fall table décor ideas – but why not try something new for Thanksgiving? According to home décor expert Joanna Buchanan, “turn the tables on what your guests might expect from your centerpiece.” Instead of sticking with browns and oranges, try adding in some indigos and other shades of blue. This combination really pops and feels much more festive than you might expect!

Become BFF’s with Poundland

“No way, Bro!” you might say if you’re a really cunning person. “I’m not giving up my focal point.” I understand, and I think you’re wonderful for wanting to make your home as friendly as possible. In that situation, I recommend going to your local thrift store and becoming creative. Items as inexpensive as $1 can be found in many discount retailers. You may get a vase, some marbles to put in it, some great imitation fall flowers, and a ribbon in that instance. Then, for less than $10, you might have a show-stopper of a centrepiece to dress up your Thanksgiving table. Or You may also take a tour down their seasonal aisle to see what other ideas you can find. Seasonal products, baskets, home décor, and white candles have a nice aisle at our discount store. All of these elements combined might produce a stunning table centrepiece. Go shopping on a day when you’re alone, have time to reflect, and can pick up on any inspirations you come across. You might even surprise yourself with how lovely your décor turns out.

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