Christmas Decoration Ideas from Top Interior Designers

Before planning any Christmas decoration, consider how much space you have to work with and any where you can realistically place decorations. This will be vital for making your space look stylish without being overwhelmed...

Leanne Michael’s Doorway

Before planning any Christmas decoration, consider how much space you have to work with and any where you can realistically place decorations. This will be vital for making your space look stylish without being overwhelmed. Trudy Hendy, a Christmas décor expert at Langford Lakes Christmas tree farm suggested, “You need to think about your space and where you are placing things. For example, make sure to measure before starting, especially if you’re buying a fresh tree that needs to fit in your home. Consider that it should be kept away from any radiators or open fires to prevent it drying out, so you need to plan that in. You also need to make sure it fits under the ceiling.” 

Conservatory Christmas decoration ideas

How can I decorate my conservatory for Christmas? Christmas is arguably the greatest time to take use of the conservatory’s lofty, open roof. From one side of the room to the other, hang colorful garlands, tinsel, or gold curtains from the ceiling. This will bring a special touch to the area and make the conservatory more welcoming during the holidays. Obviously candles are must have for this special event…

Contemporary Dining Room

What is a contemporary dining room? The emphasis in contemporary design is on simplicity. The shapes and lines within the space are the major focal point, with little adornment and a neutral colour palette (Or the perfect low-distraction space to use as a makeshift home office.) Contemporary dining rooms have a lot of flair while still feeling modern. Feeling festive in this contemporary dining area, complete with Christmas tree, and dinner candles on the table..?

Traditional Dining Room

What is a transitional dining room..? Decorate your dining room in a variety of ways. Transitional design is based on classic design but has a more contemporary feel to it – think modern meets traditional. Transitional furniture has a basic design core, but it is updated over time with different finishes, colors, and materials.

Christmas Table

Apples, candles, grapes, wine and flowers. Make your own handcrafted name cards to dazzle your guests, and don’t forget to include a cracker for some festive fun. It’s all in the details when it comes to supper, so once your table is set, burn some scented candles to create a lovely ambiance.

Traditional Entry

While decorating with candles, look for holiday aromas like pumpkin spice, spiced sugar plum, sugar cookie, and warm vanilla, as well as sugar plum, apple cinnamon, cranberry, evergreen, and many others, to make your home smell warm and inviting. These perfumed candles can create a festive ambiance in your home all year.

Christmas Dining Table

Always begin with the centerpiece if you want your Christmas table to create a big effect. Start with a table runner as a foundation, then build on magnificent elements for your table arrangement. Add garlands and fairy lights for a more classic look, or flowers for a more modern look. Add pine cones to your garland to take it to new festive heights and create the ideal Christmas appearance from the inside out.

Traditional Living Room

What is traditional living room? Traditional style is timeless and graceful. For the complete family, a conventional living room may be both timeless and cozy. A refined colour palette will be used in traditional living room designs; this is not the place for anything overly bright, aggressive, or loud. Instead, consider layering neutrals in warm or vibrant tones. Natural materials and finishes set to bring you a classic Christmas style.

Country Living Room

The large mantel is a great place for seasonal or holiday displays. Even though this is gas fireplace, the brick veneer was laid out and installed to emulate an aged soot pattern of an old wood burning fireplace.

Christmas Table Red Setup

What should I put on my Christmas table? So make the most of this chance to show off your decorating skills and create a stunning tables cape to wow your guests.

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